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Strongly recommended for all new clients.

Your transformative voyage to holistic well-being. Embrace a profound shift in consciousness, guided by wisdom from diverse disciplines. No judgment, just truth-seeking. Includes objective measures, posture assessment, wellbeing, sleep & nutrition screenings, mindfulness & movement assessment, mandala creation, and a 45-60 minute relaxation massage with optional complimentary additional modalities.

Once completing this service become a lifelong member of the Dantian Energy, a Bodhi (an enlightened one) community and receive the benefits of reduced pricing on services.


2 Hour Service: $150

Official Launch 01/01/2024 Text or Email now to participate in beta testing!


Massage Services

Relaxation, therapeutic, deep, sports, acupressure, trigger point, myofascial, prenatal, couples & chair.  We do it all!

Add-ons: Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot stone, CBD, Facials, Cupping, Gua-shua and more!

Regular Pricing:

$120 for 60 Minute

$160 for 90 Minute

Bodhi Pricing:

$95 for 60 Minute

$125 for 90 Minute


Meditation Services

From "never meditated" to "Stage 9 illuminated," Dantian Energy can help encourage and guide your personal meditation practice!

We offer: 5 Part Introduction Series, Individual and Group experiences!


End of Life

Dantian Energy offers supportive service for palliative and hospice care.

Free Consultations available.

This is a donation based service.

Services may include: Regular visits, coaching and support, documentation, ritual, legacy and ceremony creation.


Other Services

Life coaching, personal training, nutrition, functional analysis and yoga are services additionally offered!

Please E-mail us for more information and booking:

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